Transmission 7 - mixed by JAES
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A new mix in the Transmission series.  Lots of heavy beats, breaks and bass from some top producers. Mixed live @ the Zoot Suite, 05/2012.

01. Rumbleton- Dub of Conscience- Dub
02. Nebula- EsreveR- Scientific Wax
03. Scape- Jah Almighty- Scientific Wax
04. Gremlinz & Renelavice- Bleebleebloobloo- DSCI4
05. Relapse- The Probability of Succumbing to Violent Whim- DSCI4
06. TVG Hates TVG- My Circuits Are Suffocating- Pinecone Moonshine
07. IJO- Herbie's Talking- Pinecone Moonshine
08. dgoHn- The Maiming of My Shoe- Pinecone Moonshine
09. Mantra- 13.13- Syncopathic
10. Paradox- Isotoxal- Paradox Music
11. dgoHn- Be Gentle- Subtle Audio
12. Equinox- The Phantoms (Nebula Remix)- Bustle Beats
13. Rumbleton- Cold Sweat 68- Dub
14. Rumbleton feat. Double O- Kindness for Weakness- Dub
15. Nebula- Last Stand- Scientific Wax
16. Exclusion Principle- Don't Live In Fear- Scientific Wax